What kind of after sales support does Anderson’s Coal Energy have?

Once we install your unit for you, we don’t just disappear. We want you to be able to enjoy your fireplace, stove or insert safely for years to come. We can cover everything for you from your annual inspection and cleaning, to servicing your stove or insert if something isn’t quite right, to even fixing any masonry issues you may have with your chimney. We are your full-service chimney specialists.

Can I change how my fireplace looks?

Sure. We can do something as simple as changing out your gas logs, or replacing your old brass glass doors. Want a totally new look; we can give your entire fireplace a makeover with new brick or stone. We have all kinds of options to fit your budget.

How often does my fireplace, stove or insert really need inspected?

We recommend an annual inspection of your unit to ensure your appliance and chimney are in good condition and functioning properly.

I didn’t purchase my stove from you but can Anderson’s Coal Energy still install it?
Sure we can. You would need to schedule an install consultation with us first. We would come to your home and see the unit you and where you want it installed. We would make sure you have the proper supplies for install and if not, make a list of what we needed. We would then quote you a price for the job. After you agree, we would schedule a day that suits your schedule and do the install for you.

How do I know if I am picking out an insert that will fit in my fireplace?

A fireplace insert is designed to fit into the opening of your existing fireplace. There are many variables in determining what insert is best for your home.

Print this Insert Measurement Worksheet fill it out and bring it with you when you visit our showroom, or if you have already stopped by, just email directly to us. We want to be sure you get the best product based on your home and heating requirements.



How do I eliminate the odor coming from my fireplace?

You should only be burning seasoned firewood or kindling and you should have your chimney and inside of the fireplace cleaned regularly. This will remove a lot of the creosote smell.



My gas insert hasn’t been used all summer and now it won’t start. What can I do?

Make sure you put fresh, brand name batteries in both the remote and the receiver (the small black box). If that doesn’t work, sometimes when the unit sits for a while, the gas may drain back to where it enters the home. Hold the pilot button in for a bit to allow time for it to work its way back into the lines.

My remote doesn’t work. What should I do?
There is a remote receiver and it is usually under the fireplace. Check your owners manual. If the unit has a battery-operated receiver for the hand-held, make sure to use fresh brand name batteries. If it is a plug-in receiver, make sure the plug is plugged all the way in and receiving power. Once you find that the receiver is working, turn it to manual mode and try to turn the unit on using the on/off switch.  If this works, then your handheld remote probably needs new batteries or it may need to be reprogrammed.

If these steps don’t work, double check that the gas supply is turned on and make sure if you have a standing pilot, that it is lit.

If you have tried all these things and it still isn’t working, give us a call at 717-975-3526 and we will schedule an appointment for you with our gas specialist.

What size gas logs will fit my fireplace?

If you are on the market for gas logs, you need to get the proper size logs to fit into your fireplace. Most fireplaces are larger in the front than in the back. With this being said, the most important measurement is the middle width of the fireplace.

Print this gas log measurement sheet, and grab a measuring tape. You can either bring this sheet with you to our showroom or email it to us at



Why is my pellet stove loud?

Pellet stoves always make a noise because of the auger that feeds the pellets through. But if your stove is making a roaring sound during use, it could be because of the air and pellet fuel balance. Usually this issue can be taken care of with a professional cleaning and adjusting the rate that the pellets get fed through the system.

How often do I need to clean my pellet stove?
Your pellet stove requires routine homeowners cleaning at least once a week. Each pellet-stove manual has information about what is needed cleaning wise and when it should be done. Once a year, at the end of the burn season you should have a detailed, in depth cleaning and servicing done by a professional. When we do these cleanings, we pretty much take the whole unit apart and clean behind the baffles, the vent pipe, blowers and so much more.



What size coal can I burn in my Keystoker?
For direct-vent models, you can only burn anthracite rice. For chimney vented models you can burn anthracite rice, buckwheat coal or a mix of both.